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Wheat Germ Products

Prinova is proud to offer Defatted Wheat Germ and Wheat Germ Oil. We process freshly milled edible Wheat Germ to produce food grade Defatted Wheat Germ and Wheat Germ Oil in our high-quality BRC grade facility in Michigan City, Indiana. We also have an in-house lab that can formulate our wheat germ products to your specifications.
Provia Natural Defatted Wheat Germ
  • Very strong, balanced nutritional profile - high level of protein (30%), high fiber, complex carbohydrates, and has a strong amino acid profile
  • Good stability - has a long shelf life
  • Nutty taste without the calories
  • Improves the "mouth feel" and texture of foodsProvia Natural Defatted Wheat Germ
  • Low fat (maximum 1%), cholesterol free, sodium-free
  • Rich source of dietary fiber and specific essential vitamins and minerals
  • Added to crackers, cereals, baked goods and nutrition bars to fortify nutritional content
  • GMO-free, non-flatulent, non-beany flavor ingredient
  • Exclusive providers of a Glutathione Inactive that is especially suited for baking
Provia Natural Wheat Germ Oil
  • We offer two grades – Distilled and Refined (lower fatty acid content)
  • Highest natural vegetable oil source of Vitamin E
  • Common applications include: food, nutritional, moisturizing oil for skin and hair products, and dietary supplement

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