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Systems and Capabilities

At Prinova we are committed to supplying premium quality products and ensuring we meet all our responsibilities with regard to service and documentation. Part of our commitment is to ensure that we have full traceability back to source for every product unit we deliver to our customers.

Additionally, it is our objective to ensure that the manufacturers we source our products from are also accredited to a recognised quality programme and that they undertake everything that is necessary to ensure the integrity of the product in order to meet our customer’s stringent requirements.  

Our Quality and Regulatory Department personnel are knowledgeable in all the industries we serve.  We welcome customer audits and have the ability to provide documentation and answers for your specific applications.   

To view our terms and conditions, please download the following attachments:
Should you require immediate assistance, please contact our regulatory department directly at quality@prinovaeurope.com

All product information provided is based on data from the supplier/manufacturer and where applicable was valid at the date of signature of the document upon which it is based. Prinova Europe will not automatically provide updated information. While the information is believed to be accurate, Prinova makes no representation as to its accuracy or sufficiency. Users are responsible to verify this data under their own operating condition to determine whether the product is suitable for their particular purposes and meets regulatory compliance. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

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