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Freeze Dried Crystals

Under the Flavor Savor® brand, we offer freeze dried fruit and vegetable powders that are manufactured using a patented, low-heat, continuous-vacuum, freeze-drying process. The freeze dried powders retain the flavor, nutrients, and color of the original juice or concentrate in a shelf stable format.
Freeze-Dried Flavors
Our freeze dried crystals can be used in a range of applications, including baby food, baked goods, beverages, confections, dairy, frozen treats, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, replacers and sauces/dressings. Freeze dried crystals are available in fruit, vegetable, organic and specialty.

  • All natural label claims- (100% natural, real juice/real fruit, juice solids, etc.)
  • Excellent solubility in cold and hot water
  • Compatible with low/intermediate moisture foods
  • Ready to use (no defrosting required)
  • Easy storage/non-refrigerated
  • Microbial stability
  • Long shelf life (up to 24 months)

Alternative Uses
Due to their superior quality, operational advantages and clean label claim, they are an excellent alternative for liquid concentrates, spray dried concentrates and specialty powders.

Comparison to Fresh Fruit Juice
Comparison of fresh fruit juice equivalent to 1 kg of freeze dried crystals:
99 oranges = 1 kg freeze dried fruit powder
156 lemons = 1 kg freeze dried fruit powder
192 limes = 1 kg freeze dried fruit powder

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