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Flavor Application Lab

Prinova is excited to announce the redesign and expansion of our R&D Application Laboratory, which boasts state-of-the-art technology, a fully equipped demo kitchen, and additional workspace areas. 

With greater capacity and efficiency at our command, this expansion has allowed us to broaden our R&D services beyond food and beverage to include bakery, confectionery, savory, and nutritional applications, as well as palatability enhancements for the animal feed industries. 

Our philosophy is “open lab,” which means that you are welcome to come to our demo kitchen and work on our bench. And, as with all of our offerings, you can be assured that all ingredients and flavors meet the highest quality and safety standards before they leave our facility.

Key advantages of Prinova’s R&D Capabilities:
  • All flavor formats
  • Unsurpassed flavor matching, masking, or enhancement abilities
  • Open lab and demo kitchen at our customers’ disposal
  • Exceedingly fast turnaround time on samples and projects
  • Pilot equipment for product modifications and demonstrations
  • Traveling technicians to assist you onsite
  • Marketing trends and data

Count on Prinova’s R&D Technical Experts to work with you every step of the way to develop your product, offer insight on product formulations and flavor usage, as well as valuable analysis on consumer trends and demand drivers for your product category!

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