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About Prinova

Get To Know Us.
At Prinova, we are always looking for great people! We pride ourselves on hiring individuals who are innovative thinkers with diverse backgrounds. We attract candidates who have a sincere passion for what they do and an entrepreneurial spirit, committed to living our company’s vision and core values.

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Prinova Culture.
Our culture is based on the Fish! philosophy, which encourages four simple practices:

Be There
Listen and communicate with your co-workers.
Be enthusiastic, creative and have a little fun at work!
Make Their Day
Whether it is a co-worker, a supplier, a vendor or a customer, find simple ways make someone’s day.
Choose Your Attitude
Take responsibility for your mind-set and how you respond to how you behave. Through The FISH! Philosophy, we build stronger relationships with the team members we work with, the customers we serve, and the vendors and suppliers with whom we build long-term relationships.

Equal Employment Opportunity.
Prinova provides employment opportunities to qualified individuals without regard to age, disability, gender, national origin, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status or other personal characteristics that are protected by law.

We appreciate your dedication and commitment by offering you a competitive salary and a generous benefit package, including tuition reimbursement, casual dress and a "buddy program" for new hires.