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Richard Thorp and Aaron Greenfield establish
Greenfield Thorp
Company (GTC) as an
ingredient broker.


GTC hires its first full time office employee, Ricki Matz, who remained Office Manager and Supervisor of the Customer Service team of 20+ employees until her retirement in 2013.


Don Thorp, son of founder
Richard Thorp, retires from
his NFL career to join GTC
as a full time employee.


Dan Thorp, son of founder
Richard Thorp, joins GTC as
a full time employee.
Greenfield Thorp buys its first desktop computer. 


Greenfield Thorp Company officially becomes "Premium Ingredients International Ltd." by original founder Richard Thorp, as well as brother Jack and sons Don and Dan Thorp.


Dan Thorp relocates to Utah
to establish the first U.S.
regional office to better serve
customers in the Western U.S.
In Illinois, Premium Ingredients
moves from Chicago to
Bensenville for its first joint
office and warehouse location.


Ron Juergens, current co-owner, joins Premium Ingredients. The second U.S. regional office opens on the East Coast in Cranford, NJ, presently relocated to South Plainfield, NJ.


Premium Ingredients enters the flavor industry and launches the Flavor Savor brand to distribute a broad range of flavor formats.


Expands global
operations by
acquiring AMC
Chemical in the
United Kingdom.
This location in
London is established
as the European
head office.


In-house R&D applications laboratory opens at headquarters in Carol Stream, IL, USA. The R&D lab is used to provide technical support for product development and enhancement, as well as quality assurance.


Expands North American operations with the acquisition
of Bulk Pharmaceuticals in
Canada. Premium Ingredients
also gains exclusive U.S.
distribution with NutraSweet®.


Exceeds 100 employees!
Enters animal nutrition
market by acquiring Crest
Feed Flavors. Installs
particle-size reduction facility
at corporate headquarters in Carol Stream, IL.


U.S.A.: Expands aroma chemicals & essential oils product portfolio with addition of PureSource. Establishes distribution for Kalama Chemical, Teawolf® & PureCircle®.
Europe: Establishes distribution for Beijing Gingko Group. Expands sales representation into Germany.


European head office expands with sales representation in Madrid, Spain. Global
integration effort leads
Premium Ingredients to
change company name to Prinova.


Prinova continues
growing with new
Benelux & France office,
as well as U.S. Prinova
Solutions liquid
blending facility, and
expanded R&D
Application laboratory. Also
receives BRC Grade A
Certification for all Food
Manufacturing Facilities. 

Our Story

How We Began. Who We’ve Become.
Our rich history and dynamic growth has led us to where we are today.

Through the years, one thing remains the same, and that is the value we place on relationships. It is these lasting business partnerships, industry contacts, and dedicated people who have created the foundation of our company.

Take a look through our timeline as we share our story with you.

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