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Our Customer Service Charter

  • We aim to resolve customer questions the same day
In a recent survey, conducted by our project management team, 90% of customers       responded that we acknowledged their emails within the same day.


  • We understand the value of time, and pride ourselves on listening, responding, and being available to serve customer needs
100% of customers agree that Prinova listens and responds to their needs quickly and with utmost satisfaction.


  • We strive to be pleasant, professional, and respectful in our business practices
91% of customers agree that doing business with Prinova is a pleasure.


  • We aim to respond to emails within the same day, and strive to respond to urgent emails within two hours
90% of customers responded that we acknowledge their emails within the same day.


  • We strive to answer all phone calls within three rings
90% of customers agreed that we answer all calls within three rings.


  • We aim to resolve any issues as quickly as possible
98% of customers responded that we handled any queries swiftly and to their satisfaction.


  • We pride ourselves on a premium of quality that meets, or exceeds customer expectations
100% of responses showed that our quality team meets or exceeds customer expectations on a daily basis.
  • We value regular communication by phone, or in person, and aim to form long-term partnerships
95% of responses indicated that Prinova communicates through phone or in person visits on a regular basis.
  • We welcome any and all feedback or comments from our business partners
We actively seek feedback on our performance and are always looking at how we can improve on service. Feel free to contact us with any queries or feedback.

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